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Given the unique climatic conditions in Iran, which have provided it with an excellent position in the region in terms of agriculture and horticulture, it seems that Iran can become a hub for the production of certain agricultural and horticultural products. This group strives to produce and market various products from its own agricultural products by providing an appropriate platform.

Afarinesh VC (Novin Afarinesh Venture Capital Fund):

Afarinehs VC is a knowledge-based company established in 2017 with the aim of actively participating in the development of startups, assisting in commercializing innovative ideas, and playing a significant role in commercializing ideas in the fields of financial technology (fin-tech), block chain, cryptocurrency services, interaction with financial foundations, educational and research centers, and other entrepreneurship ecosystem components.

Faramoj Science and Industry (Faramoj Elm and Sanat)

Faramoj Science and Industry (Faramoj Elm and Sanat) company with HEMOND  brand started its activity in the field of research and development of IOT-based products and the development of the native Internet of Things platform in 2015, and started to design and produce the hardware needed in the BMS and Khan market It has made him intelligent.

Meta Images of The Creative Industry (Fara Tasviran Sanat Afarinesh)

Meta Images of The Creative Industry (Fara Tasviran Sanat Afarinesh) Company was established in 1400 with Invision brand. The main activity of this company is the production of specialized video content, 3D and 2D animations, documentaries, short films, reality shows and other types of videos in the field of advertising, cinema, etc.

Modern Ati Pardaz Arka

Modern Ati Pardaz Arka company with Mupra brand launched the first restaurant software in 2017 ready to order and pay on the table and cloud sales platform.

Afarinesh Data Expansion Company (Dadeh Gostaran Afarinesh)

Afarinesh Data Expansion Company was established in 2017 as a specialized company of Afarinesh Holding in the field of information technology and infrastructure. This company provides high-quality products and services to its target customers by using the world’s latest technologies.

Reyhane's Health (Salamat Afarinan Reyhane-Pulsyno)

Salamat Afarinan Reyhane’s health company was established with the pulsyno brand in 2018 with a professional infrastructure and an experienced team to provide access to any of the city’s treatment centers

Ryan Jam data Mining (Dorj) (Dedeh kavain Rayan Jam)

Ryan Jam Data Mining Company (Dorj) under the Catalyst brand is an innovation ecosystem that works to empower startups to reach their full potential.

Rasa Business Marketers (Buks)

Rasa Business Marketers’ Company with Buks brand started its activity in 2017, in the field of content generation, interactive campaign design, social page management, digital strategy compilation, idea generation, scenario writing and game implementation.

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