Social Responsibility Group

This group was established in order to guide and supervise all charitable activities and social responsibilities of the holding. Distribution of part of the wealth created in Afarinesh group in line with public benefit activities and for the growth and development of deprived areas is one of the goals of this group.

Kowsar Mashiz Charity Institute

Kowsar Mashiz Charity Institute is one of the oldest 24-hours cultural and educational centers, which cares and supports orphaned and badly cared children in Iran. This institution started its activity in 1994. Kowsar Mashiz Charity Institute started its activity in Kerman province and in the following years, it developed the scope of activity, the number of centers covered and the number of children supported. Participating in the development, justice and creating a better life in the social, cultural, educational and medical fields to improve the lives of the children of our country who do not enjoy a proper life is one of the goals of this institution. In the first place, this approach leads them to their empowerment, and in the second place, it causes the prevention of damages such as being runaway or working children in the society. Kowsar Mashiz Charity Institute currently has 15 active family-like centers across the country in the provinces of Kerman, Tehran, Qazvin, Bushehr and Sistan and Baluchistan.

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