Medical and Health Group

This group has prioritized the needs of the health and treatment field and in the near future it will become one of the response poles for the development and application of new technologies in its field, i.e. health, health and treatment d. Providing treatment services to patients, increasing the quality and safety of health services and health care, and setting standards, improving health indicators to achieve a leading position in the region and using the world’s facilities, among other goals Holding is therapeutic.

The treatment and health group, while interacting and creating constructive relations with national and international institutions and other treatment and management centers, gives a quick response to the needs of the sub-category centers in order to provide the right service to the final beneficiary. Also, this group has set health tourism as one of its strategic priorities, which uses the expertise of elites and their networking in this field, and turns into a center for attracting and nurturing these talents.

Madisa Novandish Afarinash

Medisa Novandish Afarinash Company with Medino brand is one of the subsidiaries of Afarinash Holding, specializing in the field of healthcare and treatment since 2020. The aim of this company is to provide the best and most up-to-date equipment and gather the best specialists in Iran so that the clients and patients can benefit from the best medical services at international standards.

Medino Medical, Dental and Beauty Clinic

This clinic operates in 4 floors in the specialized departments of dentistry, skin, hair, beauty and general medical services in Tehran.

Hazrat Abulfazl Medical and Dental Clinic

Hazrat Abul Fazl Medical and Dental Clinic is the only 24/7 dental emergency in Kerman city. Also, specialized departments of pediatrics, general, injections and dressings, OPG, hospitalization, women and childbirth, orthopedics and midwifery are active in this clinic.

Seyyed Al-Shohada Medical and Dental Clinic

Currently, this clinic is active in the departments of general medicine, general dentistry, laboratory, injections, nursing and specialized pediatric department in Kerman city.

Mahan Fatima Al-Zahra Clinic

This clinic is active in the departments of general medicine, general dentistry, single-tooth radiology, injections and dressings in Mahan city, Kerman province.

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