Industry and Production Development Group

This group was created with the aim of guiding and monitoring the plans, projects and performance of the construction and production companies of the creation collection. Investigating, creating and developing industrial and semi-industrial production projects is one of the activities of this group.

Mother Company: Compressed Fibers of Desert Palm (Alyaf Feshordeh Nakhl Kavir Afarinesh)

Compressed Fibers of Desert Palm (Alyaf feshordeh nakhl kavir Afarinesh) company started its activity in 2014 with the aim of using wood waste to produce various types of wooden artefacts. Preparing the infrastructure for the purchase and wood depot is also one of the achievements of this company.

The Nafis Afarinesh Handmade Rug

Nafis Afarinesh Handmade Rug started its activity in 2019. The goal of this company is to revive and raise the quality of the original Kerman handwoven carpet and introduce it at the national and international level.

Hermes Label

The new Hermes Label company started its activity in the year 1400 in the field of adhesive backed paper and quality-oriented products in the printing and packaging industry. This company aims to become a knowledge-based and innovative company.

Aria Choob Nafis Afarinesh (Wood Industries)

Aria Choob Nafis Afarinesh Company was formed in 2021 with the aim of establishing a facility for producing particleboard. This company’s activity focuses on producing particleboard from wood waste and cellulose materials.

Vulkan Design (V Design)

This business was launched in 1402 with the aim of manufacturing and producing wooden products, especially office and household items, in the perspective of this business, Afarinesh Group plans to be one of the best manufacturers of office and household products.

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