Industries and Mines Development Group

This specialized holding in the industry and mining sector, with the use of experienced technicians and specialized machinery and equipment, also by observing quality and environmental standards, has the ability to explore, prepare, and extract underground and open-pit mines, as well as design and construct processing plants for mineral and non-metallic metal products. It should be noted that this holding has been active in investing in the mining and industrial chain and implementing large-scale development plans.

Mother Company: Hermes Industries and Mines Development

Hermes Industries and Mines Development Company was established in 2019. The field of activity of this company is exploration, extraction, processing and production of various mineral metals. The Black Hill Mining Project is the most important current activity of this company.

Hermes Pars Kani

Hermes Pars Kani company was established in 1400 as a private joint stock company. This company has the ability to be active in the field of planning and carrying out all exploration, extraction and processing projects in the field of mining, especially metal deposits such as gold, copper, lead, zinc, etc. Currently, for the purpose of burying and increasing the reserve of precious discoveries in Zarzima gold mine located in Kurdistan province, Kamyaran city, Mochash department is being active. The goal and vision of this company is to start the process of exploiting and extracting the Zarzima gold mine and building and setting up a gold processing factory for the annual production of 30 kilograms of 24 carat gold ingots.

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