Financial and Investment Group

This group provides solutions, products and financial services, investment, continuous monitoring of the capital market situation in order to present it to investors and compile and implement a successful investment strategy. The goal of this group is to facilitate the investment process in financial and non-financial markets. Activities in the field of financial institutions, money, legal advice, cryptocurrency, etc. are among the services of this group.

Hermes Capital

Hermes Capital is a knowledge-based company of the first type, which has started its activity in the field of providing capital management services and algorithmic transactions in the financial markets since 2017. The core of this company was formed in the middle of the 90s in the Sharif School of Management and Economics with the aim of providing algorithmic and technological solutions in the field of asset management, and now it has more than 104 talented and educated young people Tehran’s top universities are busy with its activities. Currently, Hermes is the strongest active company in the field of algorithmic trading, which is proven by its first place in the securities and stocks sector in two rounds of capital market algorithmic competitions. Specifically, the algorithmic services provided by Hermes include market management and volatility in stock markets, futures, portfolio management and debt bond arbitrage. The most important opportunity available to Hermes Investment Company is the absence of a serious competitor and the existence of numerous development opportunities in the company’s fields of activity. Although private investment has existed in Iran for many years in a traditional way, but its new concept has existed in Iran for less than ten years, and there are few companies that operate in this field. The field of algorithmic trading is also a new field and few companies have experience and products in this field. The trend of developed economies and mature financial markets has shown that a successful capital market is meaningless without the development of technology-based tools and algorithmic trading. In recent years, Hermes has been active in the field of private investment and has established several companies in various fields that are currently operating. One of the subsidiaries of this company is Hermes Innovative Designers Company, which is active in the field of providing advanced investment solutions using artificial intelligence services. He also pointed out that the group of Hermes consultants are working on empowering as many world-class Iranian managers and businesses as possible. Capitalist Hermes, which started its work by focusing on the field of investment in the capital market, intends to move the structure of its company towards the creation of an investment company with a 360-degree view that all areas of investment from the capital market includes private investment in the field of technology, mining, commerce, production, etc. Creating an investment company that offers the best possible options for big investors in any situation and invests the capital at its disposal in the best way in assets and securities is the goal of Hermes Capital in It will be in the next few years. In this regard, the development of specialized cores of investment consultants, portfolio management of the stock market and various areas of private investment (specialized mining team, specialized technology team, specialized commercial team, etc.) It is being done now.

Kian Exchange

Kian Exchange (Ahmed Fadaei and Partners Exchange Co.) has been established in 2019, through brokers, with the aim of creating an organization in the field of buying and selling cash, minted gold by the Iran Central Bank, carrying out operations related to currency remittances Formation through banks and international exchange services.

Nasir Research and Technology Fund

with the participation of Khaje Nasiruddin Tusi University, Nasir Research and Technology Fund is a company which is active in the field of creating a role in Iran innovation ecosystem and providing services in the field of financing, investing and attracting participation in the creation of advanced technology development.

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