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Today, our world has become more and more mediated and we are faced with a phenomenon called “media culture”, educating and strengthening the knowledge and creativity of citizens in this environment and interacting with the media is the task of media education and the creativity-oriented educational system. From the beginning of its activity until today, Afarinesh Holding has always tried to have a meaningful activity in the field of culture, media and art, and its structures are evolving and expanding in the near future.

Mother Company: Afarinesh Bartar Art Future Designers Institute

Afarinesh Bartar Art Future Designers Institute (Ayandeh Negaran Afarinesh Bartar) was established in 2018 with the aim of improving the level of general culture of the society and raising public knowledge and insight in various cultural fields and creating executive infrastructures for holding artistic and cultural programs. The activities of this group include collecting and compiling articles, participating in or implementing cultural, research and artistic projects, holding conferences and seminars, setting up cultural and artistic exhibitions and festivals, designing, building and launching complexes and cultural centers and holding educational courses and workshops.

Didar News: Didar News News Agency is one of the subcategories of Afarinesh Bartar Art Future Designers Institute. Didar News is an independent media with the aim of publishing useful news and analyzes related to the important events of Iran and the world. This news base has started its activity since April 2017. The main goal of “Didar News” is to focus on the social and cultural issues of the society.

Reyhane Mashiz Cultural and Educational Complex

Reyhane Mashiz Cultural and Educational Complex was established in 1375 as a continuation of the charitable activities of Kosar Mashiz in Kerman province. The goal of the founders of the group was to establish smart, modern and creative schools by taking advantage of the successful and up-to-date models of the world, which would not only become the best model in the south-eastern region of Iran, but also shine in Iran. Last year, with the addition of 3000 square meters of infrastructure to the physical space of the complex and 21 classrooms, Reyhaneh complex became the largest complex in the southeast of Iran.

This complex is known for its dynamic activism and distinction in the field of education in Kerman province and the country. The brilliance of Reyhane’s students in competitive regional, national and even world Olympiads is a reflection of Reyhane’s consistent and distinctive education.

Reyhaneh’s elementary school is the precursor to diverse and diverse programs that bring students closer to a lively and adventurous learning experience. Personalizing education, marking the alphabet based on the display, organizing thematic workshops in basic courses and learning mathematics with playful hands are only part of the progressive educational plans that are carried out to achieve this goal. In addition to these programs, the classroom without walls is one of the axes of the education process in Reyhaneh elementary school; “Neighborhood Plan” during which students experienced their daily learning in the fourteen neighborhoods of Kerman, although it is a kind of innovation in education, but the mainstay of this plan was to pay attention to the socialization process of students.

By being placed in different scientific, religious, artistic and historical places, children learn how to interact with their surroundings according to the requirements of those social situations. Learning appropriate social actions increases children’s and teenagers’ self-confidence in entering society and accepting collective roles. In addition to the educational activities of Reyhaneh Complex, there are diverse and culturally rich programs. Production of more than 300 literary, historical, psychological and artistic podcasts, production of 41 educational films “Behavioral Etiquette” and 66 educational films “Financial Literacy”, preparation of audio files of 10 prominent books in the field of psychology and literature, publication of bimonthly literary-artistic magazine “Khat Rehan”, Forming student literary, historical and cultural associations under the guidance of university professors and provincial dignitaries and holding various art and sports classes are among the programs of Reyhaneh Cultural Center. Forming a health and hygiene file for Reyhane students by performing vision and hearing tests, pasteurization, oral and dental tests, and measuring fat mass and subsequently, performing corrective exercises to remove skeletal structure defects is one of the serious concerns of Reyhane Complex for the health of its girls.

Omid Avaran Kosar Afarinesh Cultural and Sports Institute

Omid Avaran Kosar Afarinesh Cultural and Sports Institute started its work in 2018 with the aim of establishing and managing a cultural and sports group and participating in internal and external competitions in order to create a spirit of vitality, vitality and health in the society.

Afarinesh Human Resources and Logistics Company

The main activity of this company, which was established in 2023, is in the field of providing human resources for individuals and companies, as well as providing various services.

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