Commercial Group

This group operates in the field of exporting and importing goods in accordance with current export and import regulations. Exporting is one of the most important factors for economic development of countries. By entering the global market, both small and large companies can access new customers and gain the highest profits. Importing necessary products that are scarce or unavailable in Iran provides the opportunity to engage in commercial activities as a trader. Our vision is to protect the rights of shareholders, customers, employees, and all stakeholders by utilizing the capabilities of our companies, increasing organizational efficiency, accepting competition, reducing costs, creating value, and benefiting from relative advantages in economic fields through improving the quantity and quality of products and services in accordance with international standards. We strive to achieve reasonable profits, growth, development, and efficiency based on global indicators and always aims to be among the top companies at the national level.

Mother Company: Arya Tejarat Afarinesh Aras

This company operates in the field of export and import, purchase and sale of all commercial goods. Aria Trading was established in 2017. The goal of creating this company is to develop convergence, synergy and interaction in order to be present in the target markets, to dominate, to discover and develop new markets and to create wealth, to provide diverse, efficient, strategic, innovative and innovative products and services Satisfaction among consumers in target markets Is.

Hermes Trading Development

Hermes Trading Development Company was established in 2017 with the aim of carrying out national and international trade activities, and is currently trading with various countries such as the UAE, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Food, agriculture and animal husbandry industries and has also set up offices in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

Zarin Daneh Maya

The purchase and sale of all agricultural products, human food and livestock inputs (livestock and poultry feed), live and frozen livestock and industries related to animal feed, types of edible and industrial oils and the import of concentrates are among its activities.

Salam Distribution (Salam Iranian Afra Distribution)

This company specializes in the distribution of more than 1700 Kiosks and Horka (hotels, restaurants, coffeeshops) in different provinces of Iran. Recently, capillary distribution has been added to supermarkets and chain stores.

Pouya Trade Company (Pooya Tejarat Novin Afarinesh)

Pouya New Creation Trading Company (Poya Pakhsh) was established in the year 2021 with the aim of operating in the retail, distribution and capillary distribution industry and tries to use the latest global methods.

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