Civil and Construction Group

This construction group is a leader in providing all construction services, investing in construction projects, building and selling residential units, and participating in the construction of construction units with more than ten years of experience and brilliant services in the country. This group builds and executes many projects by relying on its engineering and technical capabilities and taking into account the latest equipment and facilities.

Mother Company: Rayhaneh Gostar Mashiz Company

Rayhaneh Gostar Mashiz Company was registered in Tehran in 2017 and started its activities. The activities of this company include the preparation, production, packaging, distribution, and sale of food products, the design, execution, equipping, and construction of industrial units, poultry and aquaculture units, greenhouse complexes, the purchase and import of all industrial machinery and equipment, design, calculation, technical supervision, and implementation of all civil projects, including metal, concrete, lightweight and heavy structures, construction of runways, equipping and construction of civil, sports, service, residential, and hotel units, design, construction, installation, and implementation of building utility systems, including cooling, heating, and all mechanical and electrical installations of buildings and industrial factories.

Mashiz Road and Construction Company

Mashiz Road and Construction Company started working with Vulkan brand in 2017. This company is active in the field of design, accounting, technical supervision and implementation of all construction projects, including metal and concrete, light and heavy buildings, construction of railways, subways, airport runways, construction of sports facilities and complexes.

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