Nafis Afarinesh Rug Gallery Opened in Kerman// Nafis Steps to Revive Kerman Handmade Rugs

On the June 23rd 2022, they opened “Nafis Afarinesh Handmade Rug” gallery in Kerman.


This company took a step forward to take an effective action for the revival of Kerman carpets with the participation of weavers, support of veterans and activists of this area. Nafis Handmade Rug company, which is managed by Attaollah Shafiee Pour, one of the pioneers of Kerman carpets, in the two years of its operation, has been able to expand the value chain of handwoven carpets from the supply and production of raw materials to the sale of the product with the cooperation of more than 1000 skilled weavers at the level The country should implement. One of the important goals of this company is to respond to different tastes in the domestic and foreign markets, and in this regard, it plans to update Kerman carpet maps while maintaining its originality.

The people involved in Nafis Afarinesh Handmade Rug (Farsh Nafis Afarinesh) believe that investment in the field of handwoven carpets with its high export value has been allocated to carpets in the past years, about 30 to 40 of the total value of non-oil exports, and this can have different functions, including creating employment for Directly and indirectly, prevent the migration of villagers, increase the rate of economic participation of women in the society, reduce the unemployment of university graduates and increase the income of rural households. This industry also has the ability to provide a part of the country’s foreign exchange needs and has a direct impact on the growth and improvement of the agricultural livestock sector and spinning industries.Among the interesting events in the opening ceremony was the presence of two veterans of Kerman, Shokrallah Khajeh Hosseini and Mohammad Reza Vaziri, which showed that the approach of Farsh Nafis Afarinesh is approved and supported by the elders of this art industry. Among the other guests of this event, there were Deputy Governor of Kerman, Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi, Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament and Representative of Kerman, Fereydoun Efki, Director General of Cultural Heritage of Kerman Province, Imam Juma of Shahdad City, Head of Kerman Handicrafts and Copper Carpet Industry Union, Ms. Nezami, Deputy Director General Women’s Affairs Kerman Governorate.At the end of this ceremony, the logo of Nafis Handmade Rug (Farsh Nafis Afarinesh), which was designed by Kerman handicraft artists, was unveiled.

Rezvan Kish at the Karmania National Exhibition of Handicrafts and Tourism

This exhibition, which was held from November 27TH– 29TH October 2022 at the permanent place of international exhibitions in southeast Kerman. The host was special guests such as Mr. Nedayi, the director general of the facilities of the Ministry of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Industries. While visiting the booth of Afarinesh Holding and learning about the ongoing activities and projects of Afarinesh Holding, he said: We are ready for any kind of cooperation with Afarinesh Holding.

In this exhibition, the booth of Afarinesh Holding with two companies, Rizvan Kish and Farsh Nafis Afarinesh, had an effective and impressive presence and, in addition to winning the title of the best booth of the exhibition, it was able to establish and strengthen connections with tourism authorities at the national and provincial levels.

On the first day of the Karmania national exhibition, Dr. Fadakar, the governor of Kerman, along with his delegation, visited the booths of Afarinesh Holding. The Director General of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts of Kerman province announced the handing over of three important tourism projects of the province to Afarinesh Holding during a visit to Afarinesh Holding’s booth. Actively said: “Arg Rayen Hotel, Bang Tavakoli House and Oshi Dari House are three important tourism and handicraft projects that will be implemented by Afarinesh Holding.” He described Afarinesh Holding as a strong investor and stated: We are looking to develop activities with this holding. We are ready for any kind of cooperation with them.


The head of Kerman province hoteliers’ association also said while visiting Afarinesh Holding’s booth at the Karmania tourism exhibition: Great works are being done by this holding in Kerman. Referring to Mashiz’s charitable background in Kerman province, Bahrami clarified: Kerman province needs big investors such as Afarinesh Holding.

Nedayi, director general of facilities of the Ministry of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts, activity of the director general of this organization in Kerman province, Bahrami, head of Kerman province hoteliers’ association, Moinzadeh, vice chairman of tourism commission of Chamber of Commerce, Javed Sobhani, general manager of Caravania hotel boutique, and Irangardi and Jahangardi hotel managers the cities of Sirjan, Rafsanjan, Kerman and Bam were guests of Afarinesh Holding’s booth

SALAM Distribution Company Added to The Subsidiaries of Afarinesh Holdings

On Monday, the 27th February 2023, Salam Distribution Company, with the CEO Mr. Asadi, officially started its work by signing a contract, as one of the subsidiaries of Afarinesh Holding. The field of activities of this company will be in the field of sales, capillary distribution and distribution of holding products, as well as the products of reputable and well-known brands.


Also, a few days after the signing of this contract, the celebration of the cooperation and integration of two dynamic distribution companies and Salam was held.

In this ceremony, which was held with the presence of the board members, senior managers and all personnel of the two companies, while introducing the two teams, a brief description of the activities carried out in the two companies was given, and the colleagues of the two groups were fully introduced.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Engineer Pouyan Haqqani, the shareholder of The Salam Distribution Company, emphasized the empathy and synergy resulting from this partnership, and said the advantages and benefits of this partnership, and the ultimate goal of this partnership is to reach the top position of “Salam” among broadcasting companies.

Haqqani added: The Salam Distribution Company, with the investment of Afarinesh and Hourad Holdings, is looking for the use of modern technology, intelligentization and the use of the best tools in the field of IT in the broadcasting industry, and God willing, with the development of “Salam” B2B software, a new plan and A new action will be taken in the field of IT-oriented broadcasting industry.


In the following, Dr. Azadeh Bahrami introduced Afarinesh Holding and Aria Tejarat Specialized Holding, giving explanations about the importance of the broadcasting company in completing the activity chain of payment companies and about the production products of Aria Tejarat Holding, Moneyman Company and also the future production products.

Warm Welcome to Hemond’s Smart Home at The Construction Industry Exhibition

One of the young companies in the field of modern business, which was very well received at this year’s construction industry exhibition, was the Hemond Smart Home company, which is one of the successful subsidiaries of Afarinesh Holding and is active in the field of building smartness and Internet of Things. The building exhibition is considered to be the most important exhibition arena for Hemond, and for this reason, the company attended this year’s exhibition with all its might.

The 23rd International Construction Industry Exhibition was held from Thursday, August 12th to Sunday, August 15th at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. This exhibition is the most popular specialized exhibition in Iran, the most important annual event of Iran’s construction industry and one of the most popular domestic exhibitions, which in its 23rd year of holding, recorded one of the most unprecedented records of visitors, so that heavy traffic The streets around the exhibition created serious challenges for city management and traffic police during the exhibition hours.

HEMOND company unveiled its new products and services in its fourth consecutive appearance at the construction industry exhibition. This presence was done with the quantitative and qualitative development of the product portfolio, along with the development of the company’s booth, which made the skeptical look at an emerging brand in the smart home industry to a confident look at a leading brand in the smart home industry. Also, the powerful presence of the HEMOND brand at the same time as the absence of many small companies in the smart home industry in the exhibition and the placement of the HEMOND smart home next to less than 6 Iranian smart home brands, has further enhanced the position of the HEMOND brand among visitors and smart home activists. and became the builders of the building.


In this exhibition, the HEMOND booth hosted about 7000 specialized visitors, including electricity, facilities, construction, building services, household appliances and industrial equipment manufacturers, smart home operators, building electrical supplies and equipment storekeepers, architects and building decoration operators, bulk builders. And it was the small and medium manufacturers, from which more than 800 leads were created, which need to be followed up after the exhibition to achieve sales results.


In addition to the unveiling of new products, creating extensive connections with the building industry, especially building smart building market players, branding HEMOND as an important domestic player in the smart home industry, with the government, smart building market players, and companies active in the building and equipment industry. home, unveiling the native platform of Internet of Things HEMOND, holding B2B meetings including with the managers of Goldiran, Datis, the mass builders center of Iran, the deputy CEO of Hamrah Avval company in the affairs of the project of the towers of the city of Hamrah Avval, and other prominent builders Construction in Iran and finally, receiving orders and creating sales leads, has been one of the most important achievements of HEMOND’s presence in the international exhibition of the construction industry.

Special Service of Medino Clinic for Snapp Drivers

The provision of dental services in “Medino Clinic” was launched, especially for Snapp drivers in Tehran. According to the memorandum of understanding between Tehran Medino Clinic and Snapp company, the possibility of benefiting from the dental services of this clinic has been provided for Snapp drivers. This cooperation agreement, which has increased the number of clients of Medino Clinic in the dental sector, also provides the possibility of using installment services for Snapp drivers.

Harvesting10 Tons of Dates from Deh Reza Farm of Kowsar Afarinesh Agricultural Company

While announcing the end of date harvesting from Deh Reza Farm, the CEO of Kesht-o Sanat Kowsar Afarinesh said: 10,293 kg of dates have been harvested from this farm this year.

Ahmad Ehsani continued: According to the nutritional operations of the palm grove and fertilization, especially the foliar application of various fertilizers, based on the advice of the technical experts, the effect of the damage caused by the physiological factors of the trees was much lower than the damage of the whole region.

Regarding the quality of the dates of Deh Reza farm, he added: 8,339 three-row dates have been harvested.

For the first time in October this year, 300 Piarom dates have been produced and delivered to the cold.

Kariman Catering Emphasis on The Quality of Raw Materials and Variety of Food

“Fortunately, we are progressing day by day with the efforts of the team in this unit.” We have a developmental attitude of Kariman Catering and our plan is that every branch we open in the country will have food of the same quality and variety as of now.” Hamidreza Arabpour, manager of Kariman Catering, talked about the developing process of the catering.

“The use of the best raw materials, optimal cooking, product quality, variety of food, use of up-to-date equipment and emphasis on hygiene principles are among the features of Kariman Catering. What we have conveyed to the staff is to look at catering food with the eyes of family food and consider all the principles for cooking it. Our intention and our performance have been to use the best ingredients to cook different dishes and we can claim that this is one of the most important differences between us and other caterers.” He added.

Entrusting the historic Oshidari house to Rezvan Kish Company

With the presence of Dr. Mehrabi, executive director of Afrinesh Holding office in Kerman, Mohsen Naveh Aghayi, representative of the country’s revitalization fund, Hamidreza Arabpour, CEO of Rezvan Kish Company, Shafiepour, CEO of Afarinesh Nafis Rug (Farsh Nafis Afrinesh) Company, and a number of other managers, the historical house of Oshidari Kerman was handed over to Rezvan Kish Company. Oshidari House, Kerman, has an area of ​​3,660 square meters and 1,900 square meters of infrastructure, and after restoration, it is going to become a tourism center in the field of handicrafts and tourism in Kerman province.

“Until now, the Oshidri house was in the possession of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Kerman Province, but today it was handed over to Rezvan Kish Company for restoration and optimal use.” The executive director of Afarinesh Holding office in Kerman told Rezvan Kish at the ceremony of entrusting this building. “For this plan, a lot of expert work and studies have been done in Kerman and Tehran. Regarding the future of Oshidari House, he stated: There are suggestions for the optimal use of this project, although no definite conclusion has been reached in this regard yet, and we are waiting for expert opinions and confirmation from the holding managers to make the best decision for it.”

“Oshidari House is one of the historical buildings of the Qajar period, which was unfortunately neglected, and this company has many plans for the restoration and reconstruction of this historical building and its cultural and tourism use in the future of this mansion.” The CEO of Rezvan Kish Company also stated regarding the renovation and reconstruction of this historical place in Kerman.

“The restoration of this building is on the agenda of Rizvan Kish Company, and we will try to complete its restoration in the next two years, and after that, this building will become an exemplary handicraft and tourism center in the country.” Arabpour added.

The CEO of Afarinesh Nafis Rug announced the launch of a carpet town in Oshidari House in Kerman and stated: Oshidari House is supposed to become a tourist spot in the field of carpets and handicrafts after restoration. In this town, the complete cycle of carpet production from yarn spinning to weaving and carpet production will be exhibited, which is very new and creative in its kind and can attract those interested in handicrafts and carpets.

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