Afarinesh Holding

Afarinesh Holdings is one of the Iran’s major economic corporations, established in 2018. This holding aims to transform Iran’s pattern of private sector entrepreneurship by relying on the knowledge and experience of capable human resources. It strives to identify suitable investment opportunities through a problem-solving approach and compete at higher levels on the global stage.


Commitment and honesty are the two fundamental principles of any economic activity that, alongside knowledge and experience, can drive the engine of development. By utilizing the capacities of human resources, every nation can achieve infrastructure development, prosperity, and progress.


In order to contribute and assist in achieving these valuable goals, more than 1500 dedicated, hardworking, and motivated professionals have come together in Afarinesh Holdings. They are determined to make their efforts and dedication shine in various economic arenas, both nationally and internationally.

“Creation of a clear horizon” is the slogan of this corporation , which moves towards achieving this ideal by utilizing the extensive capacities of human resources, knowledge, and experience. In this regard, it operates in various fields such as production, services, commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises, and startups, while providing a suitable platform for financing the development of these sectors.

– Adherence to professional and specialized ethical principles.

– Fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities.

– Maintaining organizational cohesion and defending organizational values.

– Establishing profitable and stakeholder-oriented relationships with beneficiaries and suppliers.

– Observing competition laws and rules and maintaining ethics and fairness in interactions with competitors.

– Commitment to quality in service delivery to preserve individual and national assets.

– Utilizing human capital and creating suitable conditions for training and enhancing the abilities of employees.

– Transparency of performance and commitment to stakeholders.

– Compliance and obedience to structured and coherent management.

– Risk-taking, innovation, and creativity.

  • Formation and establishment of various companies with the aim of participation and investment in all sectors, including food industries, metals, cement, construction, and facilities related to oil, gas, and petrochemicals.
  • Trade and commerce, including buying and selling, distributing, importing, and exporting authorized commercial items and warehousing.
  • Transportation network, including urban transportation, domestic and international rail transportation.
  • Foreign investment, including attracting investment, contract signing, participation, launching, and implementing all projects.
  • Construction, including residential and commercial buildings, tourist centers, hotels, etc.
  • Health and medical services, including establishing health and medical institutions.
  • Sports services, including engaging in sports activities and establishing sports clubs.
  •  E-commerce and non-pyramidal and non-network marketing.
  •  New businesses and startup projects.
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry.
  •  Management and strategic services.
  •  Information technology.
  • Maritime transportation.
  •  Green space.
  •  Publication of specialized journals.

Dr. Mahmoud Afzali

Afarinesh Holding CEO

Message from the CEO

Teamwork Is Our Secret of Success

From the beginning of the holding activities until today, we have been able to achieve significant achievements with effective management strategies and smart investment. These achievements show the success and continuous progress of Afarinesh Holding in the path of economic development and investment. One of the key elements that has led us to success has been teamwork. Our team consists of expert and energetic people who have worked towards achieving common goals with their efforts and empathy. This team collaboration has been an inspiration to promote the successful economy and excellence of our holding and has played the role of an arm to advance towards the most prominent economic positions. Our team collaboration, which has unique energy, talent and commitment, has prompted our managers and colleagues to strive to achieve their common goals by exchanging knowledge and experience, and with a significant coordination, they have been able to achieve great success.

We believe that by continuing this process and increasing the level of team cooperation, we will realize our long-term goals and land our meaningful ambitions.