Warm Welcome to Hemond’s Smart Home at The Construction Industry Exhibition

One of the young companies in the field of modern business, which was very well received at this year’s construction industry exhibition, was the Hemond Smart Home company, which is one of the successful subsidiaries of Afarinesh Holding and is active in the field of building smartness and Internet of Things. The building exhibition is considered to be the most important exhibition arena for Hemond, and for this reason, the company attended this year’s exhibition with all its might.

The 23rd International Construction Industry Exhibition was held from Thursday, August 12th to Sunday, August 15th at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. This exhibition is the most popular specialized exhibition in Iran, the most important annual event of Iran’s construction industry and one of the most popular domestic exhibitions, which in its 23rd year of holding, recorded one of the most unprecedented records of visitors, so that heavy traffic The streets around the exhibition created serious challenges for city management and traffic police during the exhibition hours.

HEMOND company unveiled its new products and services in its fourth consecutive appearance at the construction industry exhibition. This presence was done with the quantitative and qualitative development of the product portfolio, along with the development of the company’s booth, which made the skeptical look at an emerging brand in the smart home industry to a confident look at a leading brand in the smart home industry. Also, the powerful presence of the HEMOND brand at the same time as the absence of many small companies in the smart home industry in the exhibition and the placement of the HEMOND smart home next to less than 6 Iranian smart home brands, has further enhanced the position of the HEMOND brand among visitors and smart home activists. and became the builders of the building.


In this exhibition, the HEMOND booth hosted about 7000 specialized visitors, including electricity, facilities, construction, building services, household appliances and industrial equipment manufacturers, smart home operators, building electrical supplies and equipment storekeepers, architects and building decoration operators, bulk builders. And it was the small and medium manufacturers, from which more than 800 leads were created, which need to be followed up after the exhibition to achieve sales results.


In addition to the unveiling of new products, creating extensive connections with the building industry, especially building smart building market players, branding HEMOND as an important domestic player in the smart home industry, with the government, smart building market players, and companies active in the building and equipment industry. home, unveiling the native platform of Internet of Things HEMOND, holding B2B meetings including with the managers of Goldiran, Datis, the mass builders center of Iran, the deputy CEO of Hamrah Avval company in the affairs of the project of the towers of the city of Hamrah Avval, and other prominent builders Construction in Iran and finally, receiving orders and creating sales leads, has been one of the most important achievements of HEMOND’s presence in the international exhibition of the construction industry.