Nafis Afarinesh Rug Gallery Opened in Kerman// Nafis Steps to Revive Kerman Handmade Rugs

On the June 23rd 2022, they opened “Nafis Afarinesh Handmade Rug” gallery in Kerman.


This company took a step forward to take an effective action for the revival of Kerman carpets with the participation of weavers, support of veterans and activists of this area. Nafis Handmade Rug company, which is managed by Attaollah Shafiee Pour, one of the pioneers of Kerman carpets, in the two years of its operation, has been able to expand the value chain of handwoven carpets from the supply and production of raw materials to the sale of the product with the cooperation of more than 1000 skilled weavers at the level The country should implement. One of the important goals of this company is to respond to different tastes in the domestic and foreign markets, and in this regard, it plans to update Kerman carpet maps while maintaining its originality.

The people involved in Nafis Afarinesh Handmade Rug (Farsh Nafis Afarinesh) believe that investment in the field of handwoven carpets with its high export value has been allocated to carpets in the past years, about 30 to 40 of the total value of non-oil exports, and this can have different functions, including creating employment for Directly and indirectly, prevent the migration of villagers, increase the rate of economic participation of women in the society, reduce the unemployment of university graduates and increase the income of rural households. This industry also has the ability to provide a part of the country’s foreign exchange needs and has a direct impact on the growth and improvement of the agricultural livestock sector and spinning industries.Among the interesting events in the opening ceremony was the presence of two veterans of Kerman, Shokrallah Khajeh Hosseini and Mohammad Reza Vaziri, which showed that the approach of Farsh Nafis Afarinesh is approved and supported by the elders of this art industry. Among the other guests of this event, there were Deputy Governor of Kerman, Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi, Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament and Representative of Kerman, Fereydoun Efki, Director General of Cultural Heritage of Kerman Province, Imam Juma of Shahdad City, Head of Kerman Handicrafts and Copper Carpet Industry Union, Ms. Nezami, Deputy Director General Women’s Affairs Kerman Governorate.At the end of this ceremony, the logo of Nafis Handmade Rug (Farsh Nafis Afarinesh), which was designed by Kerman handicraft artists, was unveiled.